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I am a hypothetical computer function used as an example by computer scientists, mainly of a British persuasion. I accept no arguments, and am void.

My particular specialty is Neo-Confusionism, with an emphasis on the religion's historical factions. I have a D.Div. from the Abe Finkelstein School of Advanced Neo-Confusionist and Bagelian Studies. Although I appreciate the importance of the Loxists in the formation of Neo-Confusionism, my personal beliefs tend more towards Creamcheesism, tempered by a healthy respect for the teachings of the Sesameists.

I have a working knowledge of the Korean language, an obscure form of communication used by Starcraft players.

edit Articles I have created

In my selfless effort to contribute to the general deterioration of Uncyclopedia

edit Articles I have not yet created

Which is why Uncyclopedia hasn't completely deteriorated yet

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