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edit Foof

An Archeopteryx Lazyassistica, more commonly known as a Foof is a highly dangerous beast found mainly in the thick forests of [Redacted by the U.S. Government], and in the remote lands of Fur Affinity, which is populated mainly by creepy hermits, porn stars, and the occasional Artist. In rare cases, this creature can be spotted elsewhere, but the chances of this happening are about equal to the ratio of unfunny jews to americans. Born on March 18, 1992, this facinating creature has eluded sense-making since birth, and has intrigued many a man , woman, child, and bird.

If you see this infamous creature approach with caution. Seriously. It's supposed to be extinct. What the fuck it's still doing living, I'll never know.

edit What if I encounter Foof?

Okay, so you've stumbled across her lair by either total accident, or curiosity. This is not the smartest thing you could have done with your time. Anyway. The wisest thing to approach calmly and quietly, face forward, and say "hello." The greeting will usually be returned, and a peace offering on either side may be made to ensure survival. In most cases, after being verified as 'not very tasty' or otherwise 'worth a conversation', the creature may engage in friendly conversation. In long term friendships, a strong bond can be formed, and the two of you may live to make merry of the ages as they pass like the sunset. What?

edit All about Foof!

There's a ton to get to know about this legendary creature, and not all of it I'm sure you wanted to know! But too bad! ---

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edit Fun facts

Did you know that Foof...

Foof 01:40, 20 January 2009 (UTC)

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