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Dharma & Greg was a television program, seen from 1986 to 2001, and a spinoff of Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears. It was a joint production of UBU Productions and Al-Qaeda Enterprises.

The original idea for Dharma & Greg was conceived by Saddam Hussein, who was determined to use yuppie-style programming to distract hapless American citizens into dropping their guard, in exchange for entertainment featuring relatively successful middle-aged people facing contemporary life issues such as "Who's the jerk who scratched my Saab?" "OMG, I love Dave Matthews so much but can't get tickets!" and the classic episode tactic of being stuck in an elevator.

Unfortunately, during this period, Saddam came up with the idea for Swedish pop-sensation Ace of Base and gave up his ideas on world domination, instead ceding it to laboratory mice Pinky and the Brain.

Pilot Episode

Dharma & Greg's pilot episode featured Bea Arthur and Wilford Brimley, with Saddam hoping that their irreverent and hip attitude, and raw sex appeal would win over Western audiences. Determined to stop at nothing, Saddam gave Mr. T free coupons to HomeTown Buffet, in exchange that he would announce to the audience that he would bite the balls off anyone who dared turn the channel to more clever programming, such as the Prevue Channel or the transgender Elvis impersonator on the Public Access Channel.

New Cast

Jenna Elfman was hired to rejuvenate the show, and attract a younger audience. Saddam approved of that choice, being a Dungeons and Dragons fan, thinking that Jenna was an elf-man who could use elf-magic to improve ratings. Also, a generic guy was kidnapped from Trader Joe's while shopping for soymilk and was forced at gunpoint to be Dharma's foil in the show. He was later casted to star in that show that airs after Raymond on Tuesday nights and received compensation by being given a Ford Freestyle and a brown onion every fortnight.

Bert, of Sesame Street fame, was casted as flamboyant neighbor Bert Costello and won an Academy Award for his performance, but unfortunately, began the period when he slumped into a deep depression, and would finally snap while making racist remarks at a comedy club appearance in 2006.

Critical Reaction

Stewart and Brian Griffin of Family Guy, a show that mainly talks about pizza and Kirsten Dunst have derided the show as a blatant copy of theirs, and claim that a steamy sex scene in their show was directly copied.


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