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“LOL: It's TiN coating, not tin coating.”
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A flymouse

I am a Chinese American, speaks Chinese, English, Chingrish, Latin(well, maybe not that well). I don't know a single thing about html codes and had only programmed on my TI-84 before I started publishing articles(Seriously!! It's true!!),and I learned most of the things I put on my articles from other articles. I sees this uncyclopedia as a way to learn and practice as well as a source of entertainment. I am sorta ova semi-perfectionist, so either everything I do is PURRRRFECT or it's all sLoPpY Oh, and BTW, I'm 19 years old.

What do I do when I'm not writing Uncyclopedia



  1. HowTo:Delete the Recycle Bin
  2. Minesweeper
  3. A Cat on a Laptop

Articles in Progress

  1. Mao Xinyu


Articles planning to write

  1. Loser


  1. File:Recycle bin.PNG
  2. File:Recycle bin on desktop.JPG
  3. File:Recycle Bin Delete.PNG
  4. File:Rd s q C.PNG


  1. Template:Chinese Communism
  2. Template:Landmines‎


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HowTo:build a template.

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