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edit FlyingFang the prodigy!

(Okay, who the fuck am I kidding with that title?)

“Isn't he that guy who stole my watch?!”
~ That Guy on Rockvale on FlyingFang
“Who the hell is he?”
~ Captain Oblivious on FlyingFang

edit UnUpdates

“This isn't TWITTER you know!”
~ Twilight fan on FlyingFang's updates

This section will be used to give everyone updates on me at Uncyclopedia:

9/30/09 - Join encyclopedia 9/31/09 - Realize this date doesn't exist, but am living it yesterday. Time Paradox! 10/1/09 - Don't know why I'm still here. Hm...

edit The box of quotes

I accept donations! Just throw me a line!

The box of quotes is empty, ECONOMIC DISASTER!

“A line!”

edit Accomplishments

I am a man of no popularity whatsoever. Therefore, this accomplishments section is completely pointless!

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