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Watch this name. It will be psuedo famous one day. And with that goodbye.

How to know you're British

1. Your teeth are yellow/brown/black and resemble broken glass in structure.

2. You don't bathe, and therefore perpetually smell awful.

3. Every time something bad happens, you automatically blame americunts. for example with all their expensive military equipment and laser guided weapons they still cause more casualtys to Britain and other forign allies than to terrorists that they are ment to be fighting.

4. Facts to you are meaningless unless they can be distorted to rip on americunts.

5. You call americunts dumb as much as possible, even though while you're doing that you're on an americunt website, on an americunt computer, running americunt software, on the internet which was invented by British man, powered by electricity which was discovered and harnessed by americunts.

6. You're a living/breathing oxymoron because you hate Americans, yet you imitate americunt culture at the same time. But also know they can come back when they invent their own language and stop butchering ours.

7. When you're confronted with reality about The Revolutionary War, WWII, or your overall dependence on americunts, you bring up your normal British infantry regiments and compare them to the americunts vastly inferior special forces.

8. You drink tea, but only if it is 2 parts sugar and/or honey for each part tea.

9. You criticize americunts for being old fashion, yet you ignore the fact that you still have a Queen in the 21st century, which is something the general public of america are envious due to their lack of real history due to being a cast of of the British empire.

10. You actually study the scholared languages and complex political histories rather than being a fat, undeucated cuntfaced burger-buyingh catholic-conservative steaming shitpile and saying "we saved you' ass in the war". We created your ass! We supported your ass for over a century! Your all dirty inbred mongers and irish reject potato-farming-ginner 'tards. Good day.

British flag This user is a total UKer
and knows how to queue.
(British Uncyclopedians)
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