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Zula is a orange extra-stellar planet some where in the Solar System. This is where the Zula Patrol Headquarters is. It was discovered by Potent Voyager yet again in 2005. Zula has a moon, Nayelista.

edit Appearance and Composition

Zula is radically orange, orange skies and surface. Zula is composed of Earth things, exept its in a different color (i.e. water is purple.) Apperently, Zula is composed of things Earthlings cannot be around in, thus there are no Humans or Moogles.

edit Location and Orbit

Odd thing is, this planet don't have a proper place in the Solar System. Its behind, there, further than Pluto and Everywhere!

edit Orangeism

The study of Zula is called Orangeism.

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