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Not working at the position of the page where the tag is located but on the page header, and throughout the page, respectively (see below):

  • DISPLAYTITLE: allow the page header to be different from the page name.
  • DEFAULTSORT: Sets a default category sort key for the page.

edit Namespaces and URLs

Word Example Explanation
{{ns:}} {{ns:4}} = Uncyclopedia
{{ns:project}} = Uncyclopedia
Returns the local name of a given namespace number.
{{localurl:x y @}}
{{localurle:x y @}}
Returns the local URL of a page (might not exist). Optional query parameter, see Help:Variable.
{{urlencode:x y @}} x+y+%40 [MW1.7+] Encodes variable values for use in external links. [1]
{{anchorencode:x #y @}} x_.23y_.40 [MW1.8+] Encodes variable values for use in section anchors. [2]
{{fullurl:x y @}}
{{fullurle:x y @}}
[MW1.5+] Returns the full URL of a given page. Optional query parameter as for localurl:.

edit Formatting

Word Example Explanation
{{#language:}} {{#language:da}} = Dansk [MW1.7+] Native name of language code.
{{lc:}} {{lc:AbC dEf}} = abc def [MW1.5+] LowerCase
{{lcfirst:}} {{lcfirst:Ab Cd}} = ab Cd [MW1.5+] LC first char.
{{uc:}} {{uc:aBc DeF}} = ABC DEF [MW1.5+] UpperCase
{{ucfirst:}} {{ucfirst:aB cD}} = AB cD [MW1.5+] UC first char.
{{formatnum:}} {{formatnum:-299792458.56789}} = -299,792,458.56789 [MW1.7+] Add decimal separators according to the wiki's default locale. Leading minus and plus are recognized.


{{padleft:7|3|0}} = 007

{{padleft:0|3|0}} = 000

{{padleft:bcd|6|a}} = aaabcd
{{padleft:café|8|-}} = ----café(<==Bug effect)
{{padleft:cafe|8|-}} = ----cafe

{{padleft:bcd|6|{{!}}}} = |||bcd

{{padright:bcd|6|a}} = bcdaaa
{{padright:0|6|a}} = 0aaaaa

First case is, for example, applicable to years in a category... giving an ordered year to sort by pipetricks order, or any such ordering where left extended zeros allow a proper sorting.

[MW1.8+] Pads a string with a character to the specified width. Note that there's a little bug that interprets non-US-ASCII characters as two, instead of one character (see the difference in café and cafe in the examples.)

It does not seem possible to use padleft and padright for padding with characters with a multi-character code, such as &nbsp;, which would be useful with padleft for sorting tables with Javascript.

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