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The following characters are not allowed in page titles:

# < > [ ] | { }

edit ¹,² and ³

edit '

edit / (subpage)

edit Inlet and Outlet articles be added...

edit and (Outlet article) be added...

edit and (Inlet article) be added...

edit « and » (Double Outlet article) be added...

edit » and « (Double Inlet article) be added...

edit .: and :. (Alternative articles)

edit : (colon)

Article titles with a colon preceded by the title of a namespace are interpreted as being pages in that namespace so can't be used for articles in the main namespace. Article titles that would clash with an interwiki link prefix are also disallowed by the software (with a "bad title" error).

For non-namespaces, like GTA :.., there should be a space after the colon to names. The Uncyclopedia namespaces are listed below:

edit Uncyclopedia:

The bacic colon namespace. All “(Main)” article whith this image logo: 40px-Wiki.png

edit Undictionary:

edit Uncycloversity:

edit Unquotable:

edit UnTunes:

edit UnNews:

edit UnBooks:

edit Mega Recipe:

edit Category:

edit User:

edit MediaWiki:

edit Template:

edit Talk:

edit Game:

edit Forum:

edit Babel:

edit Image:

edit HowTo:

edit UnPoetia:

edit Portal:

edit Help:

edit :

edit Special:

edit ?:

edit Why?:

edit UnScripts:

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