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                            Cottage---Back Room
                         Outside Cottage
                        Deeper in Forest---Jordanhill railway station
       Wharf                   |                |
        /          Cave     Forest         Ticket booth
       /            |          |
  Picnic Area----Riverbank---Yard
          West of House---Nondescript Room
                Living room--Foyer                Laboratory
                      |        ↓                                        |
                  Bathroom   Cellar--Switchback---Jabberwock
                                  Pharaoh's Tomb
                  Hallway--Lobby     |       \
                     |         \  Maze End   ???
                  Motel Room    \  |  
                                Prison---Pixel World
                                   Biocenter--Waste disposal
                                 Biocomplex---Small room
                                  |      \
                           Hall-like Area \   Left Corridor--Card Storage
                                           \  /
                                          Right Corridor--Executive Office

~ Grammar nazi on this article's title

In the marvellous, storied fantasy fiction universe of the Zork computer game franchise, there are a myraid of magic spells that one can use to manipulate reality for fun and occasional work. Since that fateful day when the first Grand High Sagemeister, Foobar the Alive, created and cast the First Spell (Summon Grues XII), countless generations of wizzards, dark mages and nerds have pioneered the frontiers of the horizons of the boundaries of spellcasting, resulting in such marvellous innovations as frotz (quite possibly make Grues go away), yonk (Augment power of the "yonk" spell), zimbor (Create hundreds of small ashes. Material component: one major city) and guncho (hopefully make Grues go away for real this time).

But, owing to the fact that your starting character has no spellcasting training, and also that the Infocom programmers "just didn't feel like it", several of the more interesting (translation: awesome) spells are not available in the Zork game itself.

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