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Fluffy Fishy Slap Of Approval

The Slap of Approval... The sign of an article not worth reading...

British flag This user is a total UKer
and knows how to queue.
(British Uncyclopedians)
~ User:tidus_mi2 on quoting
“I feel dick tickled”
~ Oscar Wilde on Fluffy Fishy
“What an awesome guy”
~ Captain Obvious on Fluffy Fishy's obvious awesomeness, even with the lack of comedial talent
“Whoa.. thats a lot of Weed”
~ Herodotus on the 100 tonnes of weed sold to fund Athens growth in the 5th/4th Century BCE

edit A New Fluffy Fishy User Page Will Be Upon You Sometime In The Future

Will it be soon or will it be a long time who knows? its more a matter of can i be arsed to use my time to actually write about myself like some over self relating Emo off myspace...

edit So Construction Begins

Being its being constructed brings a few technical problems such as:

  • All building work is generally done buy builders... spending more time drinking tea than actually building
  • There is a lack of general tools - working with only paint and a cheapo version of word
  • Time and effort - can i ever have time or enough spare effort to do things like this
  • At this point there became a severe deficit of effort and time so the page will have to stop for today?

edit User:Tidus_mi2

My mortal enemy, he likes to add quotes to my articles ever since i taught him how to quote, such as the quote above by Oscar Wilde. He also poses as my best friend. It is my Hobby to upstage him in every way shape and form. Either way he is a little bit irritating and rather Nerdy

edit Pages I Wrote And Take Pride In, Well Not Much Pride But Still A Bit

edit My To Do List (articles of high laziness that i need to finish)

edit Pages I Approve Of

edit Pages to Avoid

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