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Number of burgers consumed by people worldwide since you started reading this article


Write anything you want here

edit Commie Day

A full day every Wednesday dedicated to making fun of commies and joking about commies like the commie preamble: We the people in order to crush an inferior nation, establish coensorship ensure a domestic death penaly. Provide for communist way insure the general wellfare and we do ordain and establish this preable against everything but communism.


edit cows

cows are gods they can communicate tellepathicly with very special owners, they are plotting against us at this very moment, hmmmm. but also provide americas favorite meat cow flesh yum.

edit perfection

nothing is perfect, except cows and rocks because they are living gods.



True Lord of the Rings story in all its cgi glory

edit Money

spiral_animation.gif You will give me all of your money


edit Money makes the world go round

Money funds gravity, force, inertia, cintrifugal force, and all that other crap

edit Mc.Donalds

Evil burger

beware o fthe dun dun dun BIB i mean BIG MAC

Mc. Donalds iis the most disgusting repulsive horrific thing every to touch the planet ughetrhgshags.!

edit 5th grade war

5th grade massacre crisis

edit States Of Existence

edit links to

Ham Disease


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