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edit Final Fantasy V

Final Fantasy V is the last fantasy you will ever have about the letter V. It is also a video (japanese: bidio) game. It involves the story of Butt the guy, and his friends on a mission to destory Famine, the Uncyclopedia admin.

edit Characters

edit Butts

It is believed the reason Butts smells like ass is due to his name, of course those people are idiots; Butts smells because he lives with a chocobo and never bathes.

edit Rain Ah

Reina prefers to be called Rain Ah, this is because she is a princess, somewhat autistic, and makes her name sound more wapanese.

edit Fairess

Fairess is a waitress on some pirate ship and usually serves the pirates moldy cheese and fingernails. This angers the pirates very much. She's also a lesbian.

edit Kururururiririrerurarira

Kururururiririrerurarira or just Krill is Gaypoo's granddaughter; she enjoys walks on the beach.

edit Gaypoo

Gaypoo suffers from arthritis and as a result has amnesia often; he dies.

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Kefka - Laugh
Kefka - Laugh


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