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edit The life of Flabius-Danner(part I)

'Well Fredrick, what do you say?' she spoke softly, with a lot of false air. 'I can think of a thing or to, Mary.' he said as he grabbed her. 'Oh Fredrick!' he whimpered. 'Be careful with me.' At the same moment, far, far away in an mystical place called Groningen a woman gave birth to a rather medicore looking baby. 'Hmmm, I don't think he is a beautiful baby.' the father spoke. 'Yes honey, but he isn't ugly either.' the mother said. For a moment they where quiet, only the baby's cries where heard in the sterile hospital room. A nurse came in, atracted to the sound of a new born life. 'What a beautiful... Oh.' 'Yeah we know.' the father sighed.

edit The life of Flabius-Danner(part II)

The man gejoyced to the sounds of children playing in the streets. Looking outside, looking at them playing he found old memories drifting back to him. Memories of when he was still young and able to play with those children.

edit The life of Flabius-Danner(part IIV)

He died.

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