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Maxine Tush, to the MAX!
Genre Animation
Running time 30 minutes
Creator(s)  ??
Starring Unknown
Country of origin United Sates
Original network/channel NBC
Origional run September 1982 - March 1985
No. of episodes 76

Maxine Tush, to the MAX! is a an animated comedy series that aired on NBC from 1982-1985. A total of 76 episodes were made. The show centers around Maxine Tush, an Aerobics instructor with multiple personality disorder, in that she has a second personality- that of a US soldier.

edit Characters

edit Maxine Tush


Production sketch of Maxine Tush from episode 2.

First Appearance: "Doc is always Right"
Choice Exercises: squats (standing), fire hydrants (floor), side leg lifts (floor)

edit Dr. Jon Feinstein

Dr. Jon Feinstein is a psycologist and expert on multiple personalities.

edit Maxine's Aerobics class

edit Maddie Joleson

Maddie Joleson

First Appearance: "Doc is always Right"
Choice Exercises: fire hydrants and similarly done exercises (floor), any variation leg lifts (floor), leg circles (floor)

Maddie Joleson is a recurring character in the animated comedy "Maxine Tush, to the MAX!". Recognizable by her thick glasses and green & gray leotard worn during a workout, she is known for being extremely inteligent in many scientific areas as shown in many episodes. Maddie's first appearance was in the pilot episode entitled: "Doc is always Right" in which she works as a receptionist at the gym that Maxine Tush teaches her exercise class in. This appearance however is just a cameo. Her role expands to that of a secondary character in episode 2: "On all Fours" in which she joins Maxine's aerobics class. Despite being a seemingly nerdy technical whiz, Maddie spends most of her free time at home on the floor doing exercises that target the legs, hips, thighs, and butt as first seen in episode 12: "A Day in the life of Maddie".

edit Episodes

edit Season 1 (August 1982 - December 1982)

Number Name Synopsis
1 Doc is always Right (Pilot) Maxine goes to a psycologist when her other personality comes out while teaching her aerobics class.
2 On all Fours To help shrink her comically large thighs, Maxine adds a new routine to her exercise program as well as to her aerobics class. Maddie Joleson the gym receptionist joins Maxine's aerobics class.
3 Off Day Maxine takes the day off to relax. While doing her floor workout at home, Maddie accidentaly activates an experimental android she was working on by knocking over the android's control switch while doing leg lifts.
4 TBA None Yet
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