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“Simon Pegg is like when you lose your wallet in the Ocean of dreams, pick up the sand dollars of your mind, spend them all in a casino of eternity and then win the big car in a glass case”
~ Yoko Ono on Simon Pegg
“I travelled with Simon for a while in his TARDIS, well I say TARDIS, it was more of a Milk Float with 'Plice Bx' written on it in tipex”
~ Bill Bailey on Simon Pegg
~ Ada the Dog on Simon Pegg

Sir Simon Davros Pegg is a British actor/comedy demi-god from the planet Hampshire in the Pegasus galaxy. He is renowned for his work as a writer and performer on various television shows including 'Six Pairs of Pants', 'Big Train' and 'Spaced' for which he and his co-writer Jessica Hynes recieved several comedy awards and their Knighthoods. Along with his work in television and film, he is a freelance adventurer who travels through time and space, as such he may be well older than he claims to be.

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