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Good evening and welcome to my little corner of Uncyclopedia. If wish to leave any comments go ahead, if they're crap I won't read them. If you want to compliment me, fine. If you want to insult me that's fine too, as long as you do it creatively. (i.e. No one word insults like: Fuck, Shit, Crap and Spectacles)

Name: Fezzul

Age: This Many (Holds up fingers)

Sex: Please don't say that dirty word

Nationality: English/Welsh

Location: Oman (I don't expect you to know where it is)

edit Stuff What I Have Done

edit Articles What I Have Created

UnNews:Scientific study reveals that David Bowie does not make sense (Quasi-Featured)

UnNews:Prediction: 2012 Presidential Candidates

UnNews:Gordon Brown WIll Not Step Down

UnNews:Communion gets a makeover. Meet: ‘Jesus Cakes'!

UnNews:The poet's financial report

UnNews:Puffins being spied on by MI6

House Elf

edit Articles What I Have Done Edited

Uncyclopedia:Anniversaries/June 5 (Among others)

Bill Bailey


Keep it cmnoig, writers, this is good stuff.

I'm not wtorhy to be in the same forum. ROTFL

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