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The Baconator

Would any sane man challenge anyone with an army of Baconators? I think not

edit About Me

Right now I'm felling lazy (more on that later)

edit Concepts I'm Throwing Around Right Now

If you feel the urge to, go ahead and steal any of them.

God: Where Is He Now?

The biblical times: God's golden years. But where is he two-thousand years later? God has become a six-thousand year old deadbeat deity living in a one bedroom apartment in Trenton, New Jersey and worst of all now in his absence many young deities have started fighting over his place

Notes: Interview with god included.

Corpse Ball

A violent (As in full contact) free-for-all which involves players try and get a fresh corpse into one of there opponents goal.

Notes: The sport is commonly used to decided who is going to clean up the body, in any good game of corpse ball you end with more bodies then you start with (Which the loser must also clean up).

Some Random Dwarf

Some poor man gets randomly attacked by a little person on the street. Brakes his nose and can't pay the hospital bill, his life is ruined

Notes: Written in first person, sounds intolerant but it wouldn't be.

Romain and Jessica pull an All Nighter

Romain and his girl friend Jessica try and stay up from 7:00 PM to 7:00 Am. While having sex the whole way through! They run into a few issues.

Notes: Written from Romain's perspective.

4chan TV

Comedy central airs a show based entirely off memes on 4chan

Notes: I'm not serious about this, opening theme video included, If someone does make this there must a viewer comments section.

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