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"I am lard, lard I am" - Fatmacman

Born on a mountain top in Tenessee, killed him a bear when he was only three... maybe that was Davy Crockett... Actually I think I was born in the midst of the urban wasteland that the natives call St. Louis... yes that sounds more correct. As the name says, I am fat, I use a Mac and the last time I checked I am a Man, although I do have Moobs and I have not had actual visual proof of this claim since my bulging gut far exceeds the reaching distance of my key gender identifier. Yes, ladies, I am that sexy, get over it. If I think of anything else to say about myself I'll try to put it here. Or not.

edit Articles

No one likes my articles... I guess I'm just not funny... Here is some of the worthless drivel that I am responsible for... I don't recommend that you look at them... you have been warned!! BTW, I have made other artcles, but the

edit Crappy Photoshop Work

DennysRodman X Earth Munch flame scream RoosterPop StlArcs MickJagger

ok... i'm going to go find a nice comfortable corner to cry in now... I hope your happy!!

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