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Welcome to Heather's user page
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How I Found Uncyclopedia

I found it through wikiHow. The policy clearly explains that if you'd like funny jokes, come here.

About Heather


  • Heather is a fashionista.
  • Heather don't like Massie Block
  • Heather like speaking in a cute way sometimes.
  • Heather doesn't like those chat acronyms like lol and omg, but she likes BTW, G2G, WDYT, OIC, and i forget the other one.
  • Heather doesn't wear any glasses
  • Heather lives in New Jersey.
  • Heather hates preppy stuff.
  • Heather hates her school uniform as well
  • Heather has the best secrets in the world to look best in the uniform ha-ha.
  • Heather is an expert at paddleball.
  • Heather hates getting her hair brushed.
  • Heather hates washing her hair.
  • Heather gets odd dreams.
  • Heather is trying to be popular. But she isn't
  • Heather wonders if you are still reading this
  • Heather subscribes to American Girl and Discovery Girls
  • Heather's most favorite shop is JCPenney
  • Heather is
  • Heather has a huge collection of bratz.
  • Heather dreams of riding horses.
  • Heather likes people on Uncyc who are nice.
  • Heather is giving you a break now, this is the end of the long Heather list.



You will usually almost find me in Uncyclopedia IRC all day!

Friends on Uncyclopedia

• *DGNeree


• Food: Spicy chicken fries, ice cream, McDonalds, hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, french fries
• Fashion!
• Hangouts: Pool, my house, friend's house, movie theaters, camp

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