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It is required that you follow these two rules at all times.
If you need them explained to you, go somewhere else now.

Rule 1: Be funny and not just stupid.

Also known as: Keep the Site Not Shit.

If you break this rule, the following things may happen:

  1. An admin may step in and "fix" what you broke. This is called reverting or deleting.
  2. Another user may step in and "fix" what you broke by tagging it for deletion, or by editing it themselves.
  3. An admin may decide that you severely violated this rule, and show you the door. Bans range from hours to years.

Rule 2: Don't be a Dick.

  1. If you're being an unfunny dick, you'll get anything from a warning to a 24 year ban. Check your dick at the door. Remember Rule #1.
  2. If you rules-lawyer these two Rules, you're probably being an unfunny dick.
  3. Being funny is more important than not being a dick, but you'd better be the funniest dick on the wiki if you want to stay unbanned.
  4. Admins sometimes get hotheaded because they deal with more stupid shit than you ever thought existed. If you take issue with their actions, Don't be a Dick. Discuss it politely with them. You'd be amazed how nice an admin can get if you show some sympathy for their unhealthy, unhappy job here.

Always think, count to 10, and breathe before editing

And when in doubt, ask someone. Hit the IRC chatroom, post to the Village Dump or leave a message on an admin's talk page.

We'd love to help you become a contributing member of Uncyclopedia, instead of one of our thousands of bans.

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