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Forest Fire Week 2006

Beginning article count: 18,591
Ending count: 17,178
Casualties: 1413

Note to all - FFW is over, so I'll rest on our collective laurals. Submissions are now over.

This space is for pages which are too old to NRV, yet are inherently sucky. Not pages you just don't like - truly bad articles. Orphans, one-liners, a paragraph with no formattng, imageless and humourless articles. And vanity. Lots and lots of vanity. No need to sign - just list them.

If it's decent sized, submit it to VFD instead. If it's less than a week old, NRV it. If it doesn't fit either of these two, list it below.

Admins: If it's marked "Euthanasia" it was purged due to old age and inherent crappiness. Feel free to restore if need be.

edit To Be Deleted

edit Got Deleted

edit Spared for some reason or other

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