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“Pure Drivel....”
~ The author on This Article

edit Falerin

Falerin also spelled Phallerin, Ghalerin, Phaliryn is a common name in Caelestian language. The First person to be known as Falerin was a philisopher credited with not discovering Nihilism.

“It's trully remarkable that he never discovered it.”
~ Immanuel Kant on Falerin the First and Nihilism

edit Subsequent Falerii

Several subequent Falerii have been known to exist in various settings; normally pathetic Dungeons and Dragons campaign multiverses too pathetic to sport their own Jesii.

edit Falerin II

In the second month of the third age of Pluripos. A man claiming to be the spiritual descendant of Falerin I appeared to Nazi Scientists on the moon who were developing a MMORPG called AdventureQuest these scientists and their Leader Artix von Krieger selected Falerin II to be the LoreMaster for the game. Whereupon he was sentenced to spend 20,000,000 Kriegerian years developing consistent storyline for the game.

Evidence uncovered during the Great War suggests that Falerin II is in fact the personal Love Slave of Artix von Kreiger.

“In Retrospect I should have kept him for about 480 Billion Kriegerian years. Considering That 20,000,000 Kriegerian years translates to roughly 2 minutes”
~ Artix Von Krieger on Falerin II

edit Falerin III

When Artix von Krieger discovered that a totally unrelated Falerin was running an IRC network known as he was wroth. Particularly when he heard this great prophecy about Falerin III:

“The alpha and omega of... stuff.
Controller of the mysterious >Ambiance< that bends to his will and allows him entrance to Caelestia through the use of portals, which close without opening due to an error in reality.sys
Possessor of #½assed, or is that ½ an ass?

Or could it possibly be pure ass'hole with just enough ass to support it, as another known as Serian puts it?”
~ Pae the Prophetess of Nu on Falerin III

Enraged Artix Von Krieger left the shores of Esper bent on invading Caelestia. Once there he secretly installed Falerin II as a replacement of Falerin III. Falerin II proceeded to declare open to AdventureQuest Fanboi's. By the time the duplicity was discovered and Falerin III was returned to the Caelestian throne AdventureQuest fanboi's widely outnumbered the number of native Caelestians. This state was much lammented but lead to the remarkable conclusion that has haunted to this day.

“ is Artix von Krieger's Bitch”
~ Oscar Wilde on

Falerin III was instrumental of leading the forces of into the ongoing "Great War" againt Artix Entertainment

edit Rumors

Rumors had surfaced of a new Falerii Falerin IV who is so hooked on Wikidrugs that he actually not only frequents Uncyclopedia with regularity but is a sad and misguided contributor to Wikipedia as well. However evidence now strongly suggests that Falerin IV is none other then Falerin II dressed in drag

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