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“Fuck! I mean, dammit! I mean, shit! I mean, asswipe! I mean.... Fuck.”
~ Oscar Wilde on eloquence

edit Biography

Name: FalconBravo

Occupation: Student of the People

Future occupation: Rocket scientist of the People

edit "Contributions"

After a humiliating series of writing pages only to have them marked for deletion literally while he was writing them, he began feeding asparagus roots to homeless goats in Utah and Wyoming for scraps of food and dignity, plotting his revenge on an unsuspecting population. He currently resides in the northwestern corner of the War Room at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, manipulating the rising Democratic party for his own twisted, perverted ends.

edit Your Mom

Say hi to her for me, would you? I know I still owe her money for last week; when I can break a quarter, she'll be my first stop.


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