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Coffee Hell is where Juicatanism go after dieing. It is pure torment for the coffee drinking sinners who rejected the Juice God's teachings of Juicianityism. It is Separated into 8 cylinders, which go deeper into the Coffee God's Mug (Hell), depending on the level of sin.

edit The 8 Cylinders

  • Cylinder One (Limbo): This is where everyone who actively drank juice and slaughtered innocent children, but never accepted the juice god, end up. it isn't entirely bad, though the overally feng shui leaves something to be desired. These people are not punished, however, they are not allowed to remain on Earth (or go to Juice heaven) ever again.
  • Cylinder Two: Those who desired Orange Juice or Coffee throughout life, the lustful, end up here. They are caught in a blender that is permanantly set on mix, so that they aren't caused any real pain, but are thrown about in confusion, just like how their lust for evil beverages confused their soul in life.
  • Cylinder Three: Those who gorged themselves on milk, and other unholy, though not evil, beverages end up here. They are forever laying in rotten milk, with hail showering them from above. Since they drank sucht hings to begin with, so shall they suffer inside it.
  • Cylinder Four: Those who hoarded or sold coffee or orange juice (but didn't drink much) go here, where they must forever sell coffee and orange juice to whiny customers (who are sinners from other cylinders of coffee hell). They don't get any breaks, and if they try to rest, a fiend made purely of coffee beans whips them until they work.
  • Cylinder Five (City of Decaf): This is where those who actively opposed the Juice God (Such as Christians, Juicatanists, and Musslims) go. These are the ones who actively went against the teachings of the juice god. The City of Decaf is a mockery of the City of Fruit Punch in Juice Heaven, and looks as such. It is guarded by gods that oppose the juice god (other than the Coffee God). The City also separates upper and lower Juice Hell.
  • Cylinder Six: This is where those who are violent against people above the age of 10 or so go (or, in other words, those who are violent against those who aren't small children). They are forever boiled in Orange Juice.
  • Cylinder Seven: Those who tricked people into drinking unholy beverages, those who converted others into Juicatanists, and those who pretend to be Juicianists but really drink coffee, end up here. The punishment here is different depending on the sin (which I'll go into later)

(to be continued later)

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