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Ah, I see what you're doing here.
You've come to this page expecting to see something like " OMG Panic! at teh Disco are fags!", right?
Well, sorry.
I'm afraid that all we've got here is a completely factual article.
So you can read on, but at the risk of extreme boredom.

Ok. Panic! at the Disco is a band that originated in Las Vegas, USA. Got it? Good.

Their 2005 debut album, A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, reached #13 on the US Billboard 200, and has sold over 2 million copies. The band's second album, Pretty. Odd., was released on March 25, 2008 and debuted at #2 in the US. So, you know, they were pretty successful, saleswise.

Are you bored yet? No?


Do you like history lessons? Well, you're gonna get one.

edit History

The band was formed in the suburban area of Las Vegas. You know, that place where everyone's mormon, probably because that way people don't look at the gambling part. You getting this down?

WHAT DO YOU MEAN you're not noting this down? This is a very important part! Get out your goddamn notebook and start writing, spacko!

Right, so they formed when they were thirteen under the name of "Summer League" and then got more members and changed their name to Panic! at the Disco and got signed and yadda yadda ya... Look. I don't want to be here either. I mean, I'm pretty sure you're here just to click "edit page" and put in about how all their fans are fags, right? You're not even reading this, so what's the point?

I didn't even want to become a teacher. No. I had dreams of the stars. I could have been a famous biography writer. I had the qualifications, I had the job offers. But it wasn't to be. And you know why? It's because every time I handed in a piece of work it was smothered in things like "tyler is a fucking gay anal roflcopter", "go to double u double u double u dot encyclopediadramatica dot com forward slash pain series" and "wow actually this article is kinda crap". Do you know what that did for my reputation?!

It's you guys. It's your fault that my life was ruined and I'm working in some shitty school in the middle of nowhere. I should kill you all.

Was that the bell? Oh. Ok guys, it's naptime, so hand over all your crayons!

That means you too, Robert! Just because you've got Down's Syndrome doesn't mean you can't do what I tell you!

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