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edit Stuff about this user

I am but a lowly noob, I need criticism, CRITICISM!!! It is the only way I will realise my mistakes.

If anyone can find it in their heart to adopt me I will... Be significantly happier, and probarbly better at spelling by the end of it.

I have currently made 1 article on Fun and interesting ways to commit suicide

I have also completely edited 1 article on the word Um, Just for those people too lazy to type anything interesting into the search box.

I am not american, I come from the little town known as england. Infact I live in leeds, a chav-filled hellhole inside england. (But at leats its not manchester)

England is by far the coolest country in the world.

edit Reasons why you should hate this user

I hate you... I mean, I probarbly dont know who you are, but I hate you nontheless. As an Evil Mastermind it is my solemn duty to hate everyone equally.

I also hate most articles on the site, about 85-90% at last count, I especially hate your mom 'jokes'... Hate them so much...

I also hate many other things, but I will refrain from telling you them so you dont stop reading... Actually I am amazed you have made it this far, its only getting worse.

edit Stuff Evil Mastermind doesn't hate

I enjoy videogames as I have no life. My favurites are Timesplitters 2 and 3, Dynasty warriors 5 and Kingdom Hearts 2 (just incase there are any brethren out there). All for PS2. I will NOT buy PS3 becuse sony are evil

I also like complete strangers sending me money (its worth a go, right?)

edit Stuff it felt like a good idea to say at the time

I blame society

No good will ever come from Birmingham

Happiness is an illusion created by corrupt goverment.

The goverment are reading your minds, wear tinfoil helmets to prevent this.

Communism rocks.

Flamethrowers are pretty.

God would beat the crap out of Charles Darwin in a bar fight.

So... Yeah

edit Some random page-putty-onny thingies

US flag

This user is not American
...and unabashedly proud of it.
(But he's not saying where he is from
in case y'all come and bomb the hell out of it.

(List of NonAmerican Uncyclopedians)

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