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There are many lists on Uncyclopedia, because everyone likes lists. However, due to lots of stuff happening all the time, the expected contents on a list frequently change. Whenever a list on Uncyclopedia becomes outdated, it is called an incomplete list.

If you see an incomplete list on Uncyclopedia, here is a list of things you can do to that list.

This is an incomplete list. It may be that this list is an attempt at self-referential humor. New entries are always unwelcome, because that would ruin the joke. However, if you can think of two missing items, you may add one of them.
  • Leave it alone. Why bother completing a list when someone else can do it?
  • Guess. Guesses are the most encyclopedic form of fact in existance.
  • Add redundant items in an attempt to give off the illusion of a completed list.
  • Put the same thing on the list more than once, in different words, to make it look more complete.
  • Make a copy of an item, and replace the important words with synonyms, to hide the incompleteness.
  • Destroy everything that isn't on the list that should be.
  • Add everything that ever existed. Although there will be billions of false postivies, the list will certainly be complete.

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