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Discuss issues on the discussion page, don't do anything here unless...Just don't add anything here, OR I WILL KILL YOU/class it as vandalism and destroy it.

edit What do you want of me?

Are you here to brag about some shit that my use names sounds similar to what I have been writing, you think I am a child? You are Wrong, so wrong I could tell Palkia where you live (I know where you all live) and get him to kill you and devour you remains. The fact is that Palkia is pure Evil but only a tiny minority accept this truth; not only that, I have ACTUAL PROOF that Palkia is Evil (and this backs well thought up theory material).

edit Proof

My first bit of proof comes from Pokemon movie 10 (the rise of Michael Jackson) where Palkia and Dialga fight for seemingly no reason and try to beat the living shit out of each other, Good guys obviously aren't blood enemies like these two so one has to be a bad guy. Dialga is the good guy because he brings you back from the dead for saving him from his tantrum and bringing peace to the world in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2.

On the subject of Mystery Dungeon 2, Palkia kidnaps both you and your partner and takes you to his lair to kill you, he doesn't even try to listen or interrogate you; another fact is that one of his lines (before he battles you) is 'IT IS YOUR FATE TO BE OBLITERATED BY ME!', not exactly what a good guy says. The last part of Mystery Dungeon is Palkia claims that fixing the spacial distortion (that Darkrai caused) would bring peace to the world, this stumped me at first but then I remembered that Palkia is greatly weakened in strength when there is a spacial distortion (backed up by Pokemon Platinum's pokedex entry for Palkia stating that space becomes more stable with Palkia's every breath) so the peace Palkia is talking about is actually a lie to try and get all his power back (like it is 'his' peace).

edit Theories

There are many here...

edit Movie twelve

Palkia and Dialga try to kill each other (again) until Arceus appears and tries to destroy a town for some reason, Palkia either hated the thought that Arceus would be doing the destruction instead of him or Palkia knew that if he could destroy Arceus when he was not quite with it he might stand a chance of killing him and therefore be unstoppable.

edit No Evil

This theory revolves around that if Palkia, Dialga and Arceus were good then Evil would simply not exist as Giratina would have been easily overthrown by 1 almighty god and his two sons, not to mention that they would destroy any Evil that existed.

edit Space Penis

You simply would not want to be a good guy if you looked like a penis, you would have taken it out on your creator (which is what Palkia is doing to Arceus); Palkia would have also wanted to create a universe to suit him because of this.

edit Armoured

Palkia's Armour is seriously tough and because he is not a steel type the only way to get armour that tough is to near-constantly fight, not only that, why would Palkia need armour if he was a good guy, he would have no enemies strong enough to take him down as they would be small evil-wannabe rebellions.

edit Spacial Rend

Spacial Rend is a move that tears the foe apart along with space around it, it is a horrible way to die and is a move that could cut through ANYTHING, but why would Palkia need a move so vile and twisted like that if he was a good guy?

edit Space

Space is an infinite dimension, this could lead to infinite power/ambition and most beings are corrupted by that, but Palkia works with it and has full control over his power and actions, meaning he knows what he is doing when he destroys a planet.

edit Giratina?

Actually, it is Giratina's fault that Palkia hates him because Palkia knew nothing about him until Giratina tried (and failed) to use Palkia as a joke dildo.

edit Sinister Mystery dungeon 2 battle theme

Listen to it yourself

This space will be for the gallery when I find enough pictures.
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