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For links to my drug induced vanity articles, click here.

I've done a mere three articles! (decent enough, I suppose): Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Stories and an article about the mythical Ubergeek. Oh, and have you heard about that new Doctor Who game? You know, the one where you unleashed The Force...?

Okay sorry, I'll stop with the misleading links.

Hello, I'm Evil Cecil (The 4th), THE EVIL ONE. I am very experienced at Kitten Huffing and one of my parents came from the Moon, which may explain why I smoke Crack. I am a former Vandal, and sometimes I tried to save money by smashing parking meters with a club.

I also have a modded PSP that can play Crysis and run Windows Vista Professional, yeah, you guys are jealous now aren't ya?

^ The above line that makes no sense is what happens when my CRAZZZZZY RANDOMMMM friends edit this article.

My links are also misleadingly evil.


Eat Cookie! (My alter ego ObeseKid requested this image, that retard)


This was my old buddy back when I was part of the Vandal tribe.

What I do

I also sometimes watch a few pages and revert vandals, but I find it a little hard to find time to do this, I also frequently jump on the Chatroom, and chat with various Uncyclopedians.

The stuff I've done in Uncyclopedia:

When I was an anonymous user I added Metal Gear Mario and Metal Gear Wario to the Mario article, and I have also done a range of other stuff too, so please help me out here and there and point out my mistakes and the good stuff I've done, okay?

I have made the article: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Stories, along with a rather homie image I uploaded to the page!

I've now finally done a new article after a long, long break! Here it is: Ubergeek. --The Imperial Judge EvilCecil4th 11:51, 20 August 2008 (UTC)

I've finished another article, with the help of a little Photoshop this time, YAY!: Doctor Who - The Force Unleashed. --The Imperial Judge EvilCecil4th 11:28, 8 October 2008 (UTC)

You're a nerd. --Cyclone the Awesome 17:00, 7 November 2008 (AEDT)


Yayz! Let's go study up on awesome Final Fantasy/Star Wars/Anything else that's Nerdy! related infomation on Uncyclopedia (The Secret Society Of Nerds) --The Imperial Judge EvilCecil4th 12:02, 7 November 2008 (UTC)

^Jesus christ MYSELF stop smokin' da crack!

The history of the evil cecil (who happens to be 4th)

"When me and my cousin EvilCecil4th were alone, we used to dress up like Mrs Mario and play with my Wario doll. But in reality we are just smoking too much crack." - EvilCecil4th's cousin J-Banger.

EvilCecil4th was born in 1457 and he had a good twin brother named PaladinCecil4th who died at birth, however he became a spirit and is still possessing EvilCecil4th to this day (which explains why EvilCecil4th sometimes is known as PaladinCecil4th on chatrooms and Suetube). EvilCecil4th was the fourth in a long line of Evil Cecils, and he grew up as a noble villager but in 1469 the spirit of some fat kid from the 21th Century possessed a clone of EvilCecil4th made by your momma, eventually his entire family were reduced to hobos and their social status was demoted by the village bitch PrincessCaitlai. EvilCecil4th was then working as a Sewerage Swimmer in the shit district of the village, EvilCecil4th was pissed off and he went to his fat-kid possessed clone to help him. He found out the fat kid's name: ObeseKid. And they came up with a plan: To travel to ObeseKid's time so he can finally eat fast food again. PrincessCaitlai followed them into their time machine.

Now EvilCecil4th arrived as a time immigrant along with ObeseKid and PrincessCaitlai. When they got off the boat a young Famine signed them up for citizenship in the 21st century. ObeseKid and PrincessCaitlai passed the test but EvilCecil4th was refused for numerous reasons, one of them being he had a large scar across his cheek. EvilCecil4th was thrown into a Refugee Camp for time travellers. He met Doctor Who in this camp and helped him escape, his reward being he would become The Doctor's next companion. Being The Doctor's companion allowed EvilCecil4th to meet many attractive young women, but there would often been tensions between him and The Doctor, but they sorted most of them out by taking turns with the many women they met. EvilCecil4th travelled with The Doctor for a good 12 years before saying goodbye to try and make it in the 21st Century again. EvilCecil4th managed to pass the citizenship test, most likely due to the fact that Famine had moved on to higher jobs and Kalir had replaced his job of signing up Refugees.

EvilCecil4th found out that while travelling with The Doctor only about 6 months had passed in this dimension. EvilCecil4th managed to track down ObeseKid who was munching away his lifespan at a KFC, they managed to form their own drug business and were well on their way to becoming expert Drug Lords until Famine, who was now working as a Corrupt Cop for some extra cash, busted them. Famine took all their drugs and drug money for himself and sent EvilCecil4th and ObeseKid into a Medium-Security Prison. EvilCecil4th spent 4 months in this place until Doctor Who busted EvilCecil4th and ObeseKid out of the shithole because he had a score to settle with Famine. EvilCecil4th and ObeseKid changed their appearance and went back into the drug business, getting away with it this time because Famine had moved on again with his career path. EvilCecil4th and ObeseKid started to sell drugs in the thriving market of Antarctica, selling drugs to the worn-out Antarctic explorers and scientists.

In the drug business, EvilCecil4th became the feared 'Scarf-Ace', an identity he earned from the long scarf he wore due to the extreme cold that he had to endure while in Antarctica, even when EvilCecil4th and ObeseKid left Antarctica to sell drugs elsewhere, he continued to don the scarf even in hot climate areas such as Miami and Australia.

EvilCecil4th's and ObeseKid's first big break came when they were hired to attend a meeting at PrincessCaitlai's mansion, in 2007, where she would introduce them to members of the famed Uncyclopedia movement; to potentially recruit them for the Uncyclopedian cause. However, unbeknownst to EvilCecil4th, ObeseKid had a massive boner for PrincessCaitlai and had plans to try and get laid, unaware of PrincessCaitlai's numerous bodyguards and hired guns living in the mansion.

EvilCecil4th and ObeseKid entered the mansion, and were introduced to the Uncyclopedia team, including Famine, who was now working as an Admin for Uncyclopedia, the height of his big career. Famine was disgusted that these two idiots were being recruited into Uncyclopedia and suggested that they be kicked out of the mansion. Kalir, however, put in a good word for the two and Famine changed his mind, letting them attend the dinner.

During the dinner, however, not only was ObeseKid eating all the food, but he was making overly sexist jabs at PrincessCaitlai and shamelessly flirting with her. PrincessCaitlai got extremely pissed off and left the dinner, locking herself in her bedroom. ObeseKid left the dinner under the guise of "taking a bathroom break", but in reality he was about to lockpick PrincessCaitlai's bedroom so he could rape her.

ObeseKid made it into PrincessCaitlai's room, and leaped on her bed to attempt dry-humping her. However, PrincessCaitlai pressed the security switch in her bedroom and called her bodyguards. ObeseKid whipped out his Desert Eagle to defend himself, killing the two guards, and PrincessCaitlai ran out of the room screaming "OBESEKID IS TRYING TO RAPE ME!" and more bodyguards and hired guns began to address the situation.

EvilCecil4th had no idea what was going on, but an alarm came on and everyone pulled out their guns, EvilCecil4th saw ObeseKid shooting numerous guards and then numerous crosshairs were aimed at HIM. EvilCecil4th whipped out his dual Colt 47s and knocked the dinner table down, using it as cover.

ObeseKid quickly ran to cover under the table, with EvilCecil4th shouting "WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED!?", with ObeseKid lying his face off shouting "I DON'T KNOW!", they engaged in a lengthy gunfight with the bodyguards and hired guns, eventually killing all of them.

However, Famine had enough. He entered the room and threw a grenade at the table, EvilCecil4th and ObeseKid rolled out of the way, but the explosion provided enough of a distraction for Famine to shoot ObeseKid's head off. EvilCecil4th's long-life friend, ObeseKid, was dead.

EvilCecil4th entered into a rage and shot Famine in the chest. Famine quickly retreated and EvilCecil4th could do nothing but stare at his fallen ally in shock.

This story will be completed when the article writer decides to tweek again. STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT EPISODE OF EVILCECIL4TH'S ADVENTURES.

Supposed "claim to fame"

One day when EvilCecil4th was bored, he decided to video his best Ubergeek friend Michael , boxing gangster-like at the camera. EvilCecil4th acknowleges his involvement in drug use at the time.


EvilCecil4th's private helicopter which he stole from the Vandals back in '98.


I used to have crazy hallucinations of these dancing Nintendo characters...

Grue-Building Software

Evil Grue-Building Software accidently created by EvilCecil4th and Oscar Wilde when they were drunk.‎

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