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Date of Birth September 11, 2001
Classification Demon/Evil counterpart
Position Supervillain
Weapon His evil powers
Car 2006 Mercedes-Benz
Religion Satanism
Loyalty Possibly Satan, if not him then Big Bird
Weakness Succumbs to the Powers of Ticklishness
In it for Revenge on everyone

“He was my mom's secret lover.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Hellmo

“Finally my suggestions for Sesame Street actually happen!...but you guys took it way too far...”
~ Evil Pizza on his dreams(-nightmares-)

Hellmo is the reincarnated form of Elmo. Elmo was assasinated by Homer Simpson, business partner and spouse to Jessica Simpson, in 1997.

edit The Ceremony

The ritual to convert Elmo to Hellmo can be diagrammed like this:


Hellmo seeks his vengeance on You, Robert.

Elmo → Psychotic Homer → Death → Rebirth → Hellmo

The above ceremony may only take place on September 11, 2001 at 8:46:40. While people think that the planes flying into the WTC were ordinary planes with passengers, we now know the truth.

Iran secretly placed an altar to Elmo in each plane. The ceremony began just as the plane made its way to meet Osama bin Laden, who is actually a koala, in the World Trade Center. In the explosion, Hellmo was born. In his rage, he killed the two pilots.

After the wreckage settled, the two Hellmos fused to become Horrific Hellmo. We will not speak about what happened later that day on his account. It would just be too painful and gory to be put into words.

edit The Aftermath


Hellmo prepares to bring hell's wrath upon that f***ing Twiddlebug who keyed his car.

Hellmo went on from his birth to help Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Russia in the war against the Great Satan.

edit Current Whereabouts

Frog - Dead

Hellmo's depressed roommate Dick van Dyke getting rid of the snitch.

He currently resides in Dick van Dyke's womb, possessing minions he calls "Sickle-me Elmos" ($6.66 with detachable limbs, forked tongue replacements,cokaine, I mean sugar!..ah sugar,...sugar,ok? and two extra bottles of real blood, batteries not included).

edit Elmo

Although Hellmo is the reincarnation of Elmo, it is not the only living Elmo-like being. Elmo has also returned, revitalized and renewed. Elmo is just as evil as the Hellmo, but it doesn't have the powers of Hellmo. This regeneration took place with the assistance of Hulk Hogan. We do know that after this recreation, he became addicted to the dangerous drugs penicillin and candy and lost his liking for crack cocaine and heroin. At one time in Ohio, he was nearly killed at the hands (wheels?) of the evil Roly the steamroller but managed to escape by melting his wheels to the pavement.

Elmo Nike

Hellmo demonstrating to children how to commit suicide. Very simple

edit The Spawn of Hellmo


Hellmo rising.

The "spawn of Hellmo" refers to Hellmo's children with Satan. In fact, Satan is not a man, as assumed by most. Satan is actually a bisexual. Out of pure stupidity, Satan did not abort the baby (which turned out to be twins), thus spawning the evil duo of Bert and Er--your mom. E-your mom, after extensive rehab at the age of 5, was turned away from drugs and turned out to have a clean life. But Bert was different.

That is all that our mast-- our minds will let us say about this subject.

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