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Erratic Communist is a strong proponent of communism (sharing wives is included), shauvinism, and Quotebilitation (The religion that believes that there can't be enough quotes for a page if they're funny). However, he has also been known to quoticide articles as well, probably inspired by the example set by his Excellence God-Emperor Insineratehymn of the Death Metal Bread.

Erratic Communist is also the first person that survived the World War XVII, and after serving 25 year sentence in a GULAG for espionage, he was officialy rehabilitated and allowed to contribute to Communopedia Uncyclopedia by adding a greatly written, detailed, sourced and blatantly pro-communism article on Soviet Galactic Battle Fleet.

Erratic Communist is currently serving another 25-year sentence in a GULAG for posting top secret information, and will be happy to answer your questions when he gets back.

If you can't get enough of this awesome userpage, you can get more by going to the saved version of EVE Online article that Erratic Communist successfuly shot in the neck and try to make into an actual humorous article instead of a long wall of text that contains only whine.

Ph34r! This user has brutally slaughtered the quotes in 1 (one) article. Ph34r!
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