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My Author Page
Police car 749

       Hello, my name is Eric W. You can tell because that's what my user name is. Unless you are an idiot, you would be able to figure that out. In fact, even a democrat could figure that out. Anyways, I don't really want to tell you anything else about me. You are probably a stalker.

Wiki 528
       Global Warming Wikia is a wiki, meaning that you can edit anything - just like here on Uncyclopedia. Unlike Uncyclopedia though, Global Warming Wikia actually contains useful information that people would care about including Global warming related topics.

       I manage Global Warming Wikia in my spare time. I hope that one day it will have more than just me editing there, but it is what it is! You are welcome to create an account there.

       If you do decide to create an account there, be sure to drop me a note and let me know you created an account!

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