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I didn't generate a login, just got my friend User:Necessary Evil to make this page for me. I'm worried that if I have my own log in, I take on a level of reality that might not be justifiable. Therefore I'd rather not actually exist as a user.

Now I'm worried, so I'm told, about the snott harrier, a bird that leaves a trail of snott across the country wherever it flies. "I tried going out once," I told myself yesterday, "but everytime I look up I'm worried there's a snot harrier up there aiming its snott at my head. I guess I'm just snot-phobic, 'cos I know other people cope. It's pathetic really, but don't feel sorry for me - I'm not sure I exist at all.

Listen man: "Qualitative researchers in education have begun to question the epistemological premises of their work. Or, at least, someone in the arena is questioning those premises, and the questioning worries the researchers who actually do the work of studying schools, students, and education close up. Attacks on qualitative research used to come exclusively from the methodological right, from the proponents of positivism and statistical and experimental rigor. But now the attack comes from the cultural studies left as well, from the proponents of the "new ethnography," who argue that there is no such thing as "objective knowledge" and that qualitative research is no more than an insidious disguise for the old enemy of positivism and pseudo-objectivity." Got it?

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