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WINNER is a powerful force in the world that is capable (and is used for) immense good, introduced in Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing. It is the only power that is capable of standing up to the terrifying forces of LOSER. All people have the potential to be WINNER (with the exception of those who have chosen the LOSER path), but the only people who are truly recognised as being WINNER are Rigists and other such icons, or those who are recognised by Rigists as having immensely awesome status (e.g. Samuel L. Jackson). The being with the most powerful harness of WINNER is Stellar Stone.

The word "WINNER" is often used to refer to games that are high quality but sadly misunderstood such as Big Rigs, Shaq Fu, Drake of the 99 Dragons, and Superman 64.

edit Origins

Little is known about the origins of WINNER. Many theorise that it has existed since the beginning of time, possibly being one of the forces responsible for actually creating time. The first instance where WINNER was introduced to humans in any significant manner was in the game Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing. Upon completing a race, the player received a screen of a golden trophy accompanied with the text "YOU'RE WINNER !". The game was found to have incredible powers, such as the ability to heal those who were nanometres from death if they performed great deeds. It was then that Rigism was established and recognised WINNER for what it really was. It wasn't just a congratulatory remark from completing a race, but rather a powerful entity capable of anything (except evil).

edit Usage

WINNER can be used to describe a person, party, object, etc., of great positive influence on the world of Big Rigs. For example, Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing is itself considered WINNER.

When the word "WINNER" is used (in the context of Rigism), the word must always be capitalised and must be used the holy Caps Lock Button. The word must also be treated as an adjective, not a noun. For example, correct usage would be: That person is WINNER

Whereas incorrect usage would be: That person is a winner

Should a sentence containing "WINNER" end with an exclamation mark, there must be a space in between the last word and the exclamation mark. EG: YOU'RE WINNER ! What a WINNER day !

This generally does not apply to other forms of punctuation (full stops, question marks), but only to exclamation marks as demonstrated in Big Rigs' "YOU'RE WINNER !" screen.

Though not required, it is recommended that the whole sentence be capitalised, such as:


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