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If you have read the title of this article, in which I will proceed to admit my habits to the world, then you already know that I drink my own jizz. Oh yes, it is a common activity I partake in. I frequently can be found playing with penis whilst looking at nude pictures via the Internet. Following this, I will try[1] to jizz in a cup[2] and drink it. I did this for many many years, mainly the years whilst I was still a member of the Gentlemen's Snooker Club. I however discontinued the habit for health reasons as my doctor told me[3] that my semen gave me a nasty throat rash, although I am considering trying a different method of doing such an activity.

This article is deticated to my friend Pete who died not when he was giving head to a pedophile and the pedophile violated his throat too hard as you would think, but when he was shot in the back by some asshole, whom I now hate and plan to kill sometime next year, maybe when my membership to the Gentlemen's Basketball Club expires. I LOVE YOU PETE ):

Fetishes and Assorted Perversions
  1. and I have calculated that my success rate is 92.8%
  2. I think it is worthy to point out that I could not once find my jizz-cup, or "Steve" as I called him, and used an empty milk jug instead, which I promptly returned to the kitchen.
  3. Of course, he didn't specify the cause, but I knew it was the semen and not, say, my addiction to sandpaper.
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