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Welcome to Alabama, the little state with a big heart! Now, let's get you from point A to point B (or is that point C to point D...) in a very inconvenient fashion! Enjoy :)

edit Select Your Starting Location

Where are you starting today?

Reference Number State
...omgwtfbbq? Alabama
Reference Number County Name
001Autowaga County
003Bald County
005Barbed County
007Bib County
009Blunt County
011Buttock County
013Butt County
015Callwho? County
017Hambers County
019Cherokey County
021Paris Hilton County
023Chocolate County
025Kent Clark County
027Clay County
029Cleburned County
031Coffee County
033Colbert Report County
035Connect-The-Dots County
037Cocoa County
039Covington County
041Crenshot County
043Cullman County
045Dalek County
047Dallas County
049DeKalbKn County
051Ellmore County
053Escambian Coffee County
055Etowahhteeoooh County
057LaFayette County
059Franklin County
061Geneva Protocol County
063Green County
065Hail! County
067Henry County
069Houston County
071Jackoff County
073Jefferson County
075Lamear County
077Fort Lauderdale County
079Lawrence County
081King Leer County
083Cobblestone County
085Let-Me-Downs County
087Macaroon County
089Madison County
091Mango County
093Maroon County
095Corporal County
097Mobile Park County
099Monroe County
101Montgomery Scott County
103Morgan County
105Luke Perry County
107Pick-a-nose County
109Punt County
111Rudolph County
113Russell County
115ShelbySears County
117St. Clair County
119Summer County
121Talladega Nights County
123Tallapoopa County
125Tuscaooze County
127Walker County
129Washington County
131Wilcocks County
133Your County

If your starting location is not here, then you can kiss my shiny metal butt.

edit 001

Welcome to Autowaga County, home of the Alabama Trailer Park, the world's largest trailer park!

edit Major Highways

edit Major Cities

  • Autowagaville - Take Trailer Lane the 14th to gain easy access to this city. Need something? This town contains the following establishments:
    • Jane's Cash - Take my cash for free!
    • T Mart - Better than K Mart, home to 'customer service'.
    • A school - *gasp*
  • John Billingsley - Homeworld of the Denobulans! Simply take CR-37 to enter this town, though expect heavy tractor traffic leaving the area. This town contains the following establishments:
    • Nothing - Not even a McDonalds...
  • Millbrook - We actually have stuff! Just take the I-65 and you're in the town of riches and cream!
    • Super 7 Motel - Sure we are a large hotel, but where's the beef? (Definitely not in the continental breakfast...)
    • Galactica Bank - Drop your money off at one of our rag-tag banks.
  • Bratville - Are we there yet?
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