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**Exit 470 - [[Wikicities|Wikicity]]
**Exit 470 - [[Wikicities|Wikicity]]
**Exit 498 - [[Jimbo Wales]] Bottom
**Exit 498 - [[Jimbo Wales]] Bottom
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Interstate 4
Part of the Jerry Seinfeld Interstate Highway System
Length: Stopped counting at at 500 miles
Formed: Concrete
West End: I-275, 10 meters from your cottage in Tampa.
Major Junction: I-75, also 10 meters from your cottage.
East End: I-0 at Wikipedia

Interstate 4 (also known as The Interstate to Hell) is an Interstate of short length, that is located in Florida. the It goes from the Interstate 275 in Tampa over a marshland conservation project to the Interstate 95 on the west end of Daytona in the capital of Jimbo Wales. It is an intrastate Interstate, as it will fail you in your quest to leave Florida.

Due to the Interstate going through Tampa, Daytona Beach, Orlando, Disney World, Lake's head and Jimbo Wale's southern section, it is called the path down under. The area around the Interstate 4 is of great interest to political leaders, especially those of Bill Clinton, George Bush, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and George Dubya Bush. Their campaigns took them along this Interstate many times, although the dragon controlling the Interstate would occasionally stop their convoys on their trip to Wikipedia.

edit Major Cities


Finding a location can be this simple.

Bolded cities are considered control cities by the Florida/Wikipedia Joint Venture of Subsidiary Interstate Control Cities Corporation Ltd.

edit History

  • Interstate 4 is the first Interstate to be constructed in Florida, but nobody cares.
  • In 2001, the Bridge to Wikipedia was constructed, greatly expanding the I-4 to reach the new state. This segment is made up of 500 tons of Popsicle sticks held together with carpenter's glue and a prayer.
  • The segment from Lake's Head's oval lake to the tip of another lake was designed during an orgasmic sensation.
  • By 1960, the segment reaching Orlando was complete, dawning the age of horror when Disney began exporting 'limited edition' Disney VHS tapes of it's classics.
  • It took 10 years for the interchange between the I-4 and I-75 to be completed due to Hobbits protesting against digging in their 'sacred ground'.
  • I-4 was widened in 1991 to accommodate for the dragon's lack of a sex drive.
For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the self-proclaimed experts at Wikipedia have an article about Enzo Aquarius/Interstate 4.

edit Exits

The following is a list of exits through the I-4

Guide to the World
West: Tampa, Florida | East: Jimbo Wales, Wikipedia
"Guide to the World" does not guarantee a perfect guide. You have been forewarned, so travel at your own risk, for dangerous animals could eat you alive, like that grue behind you. Have a nice day!"
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