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Google Chrome is a piece of shit often referred to as a browser. It was developed by Adolf Hitler in 1943 in order to collect the Enigma codes used by jews.

Erros of Chrome

Google chrome freaks out from horizontal lines. Please do not try.

Google Chrome also freaks out from,,, and of course

What the actual fuck

History of Chrome

Its development was funded by Adolf Hitler in 1943 September 11. The main development force was provided by the team of 9001 Asian slaves at Google.

The source code for Chrome was originally written in 6809 assembly, but was then ported to i686 binary code for Windows NT only. The direct descendent of Chrome, created from its source code is Chromium, and only works on Slackware 2 so everyone can enjoy it.

Chrome was also ported to cash registers by Hermann Fegelein on the request of Hitler.

Reasons for Chrome's success

Its free, and people use it because it appears to work until it fails. The installer uses the .NET framework as well as Mono, GTK, QT and wxWidgets for full compatibility. All of these frameworks are required for installation.

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