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Welcome to Hotadmin4u69,
the hot admin for you to 69.
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Stuff I have contributed to or largely written. (rw) indicates it is a rewrite.

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edit Other (Non)-Notable Accomplishments

  • Helping establish the UN:RotM and then never voting or nominating anyone.
  • Judging in the July 2007 and the October 2009 PLS' Best Main Namespace Article category having not read any of the entries.
  • Being the head organizer of the Jan-Feb 2008 and May-June 2010 PLS and then fucking them both up.
  • Judging the Aristocrat's Turkey Day Ball in the Best Bad Taste Article category and again not reading the entries.
  • Sometimes contributing to the UnSignpost when I feel like making libelous statements.
  • Creating the IRC abomination known as UnTrivia.
  • Helping manage Uncyclopedia's social media presence on Uncyclopedia Facebook and other sites.
  • Setting up and then neglecting the Uncyclopedia Store.
  • Putting together the UnTunes album for torrent, then not seeding it.
  • Fixing the Beginner's Guide with Shabidon't.

edit UnNews

  1. Teenager admits to having fun; D.E.A. moves to classify 'fun' as a Schedule I drug
  2. Putin denies voting irregularities; says corruption is “fairly regular now”
  3. Utah passes law mandating a nine-month waiting period prior to getting an abortion
  4. Nachlader copulates with own mom, arrested for bestiality
  5. Italian ship captain violates house arrest; abandons "sinking" house
  6. Justin Bieber eats a sandwich
  7. Study shows news stories which cite studies are least informative
  8. Man goes to work; wife fucks his neighbor
  9. Congresswoman survives headshot (so far); Glock considers redesign
  10. Alabama hospital launches controversial program
  11. DuckApple:They said bad things about us
  12. Terrorist group claims responsibility for Williams' foot fault
  13. Heterosexuality declared "a vile abomination and unnatural sexual preference according to scripture and now according to scientists. Kekekeke!"
  14. I love him!!!1
  15. Bush declares "Mission Accomplished" in War on E. coli
  16. Uncyclopedia editor actually writes an article using a headline from Minitrue
  17. Terrorist group claims responsibility for Craig sex scandal
  18. Uncyclopedia predicts Benoit tragedy
  19. Conflict in Darfur continues; nobody cares Grue Jammy
  20. ED's new reskin rakes in the lulz Grue Jammy
  21. E. coli strikes again; US responds again
  22. E. coli strikes again; United States declares war
  23. Iowa is destroyed in a wildfire; perpetrators lauded
  24. Racist fan still thinks a white coach would have beaten Dungy in the Super Bowl
  25. Maddox doesn't update; the end is nigh! Grue Jammy
  26. Strange activity between Area 50 and Area 52 reported
  27. San Franciso bans gay marriage, evacuated
  28. Germans finally getting tired of the "Nazi" stereotype Grue Jammy
  29. Britney Spears finally gets her eyes checked, files for divorce from Kevin Federline
  30. Spencer claims Hillary is ugly; Bill claims, "no comment"
  31. New breed of rat discovered; exterminators called
  32. Bin Laden dies; E. coli lauded Grue Jammy
  33. UnNews:DUMB-asses censored for no apparent reason
  34. Kofi Annan's lunch: rap and a cheese sandwich Grue Jammy
  35. Denny's number one customer dies at 112 Grue Jammy
  36. The Governator hospitalized; claims "it's not a tumor!" Grue Jammy
  37. Howard Dean intends to campaign on Jupiter Grue Jammy
  38. Hurricane Katrina: seems as though it just happened yesterday
  39. Italy may replace France as main UN peacekeeping force Grue Jammy
  40. Could Queen Latifah be considered a planet? Grue Jammy
  41. Airstrike accidentally kills a baker's dozen of Afghan police Grue Jammy
  42. Three die in airport terminal after dehydration; airport security measures to blame
  43. Rumsfeld gives Clinton two options Grue Jammy
  44. Tropical Storm Chris approaches No Orleans Grue Jammy
  45. Castro undergoes surgery; citizens flee while they can Grue Jammy
  46. New amusement park opened in Chernobyl Grue Jammy
  47. Zawahri claims "entire world is a battlefield"; Switzerland surrenders Grue Jammy
  48. Recently discovered "blob" the biggest thing in the universe Grue Jammy
  49. Coauthor of the "Left Behind" series agrees: world will be ending
  50. California heat-wave deadly; Antarctica heat-wave deadlier
  51. Bush welcomes Sheehan to neighborhood with customary Jello-O mold Grue Jammy
  52. Lance Bass of 'N Sync reveals he's gay; surprise, surprise Grue Jammy
  53. World may be ending soon! Grue Jammy
  54. Hezbollah baffled by Israel's response Grue Jammy
  55. Former Israeli PM Sharon near death Grue Jammy
  56. Will Smith alleges racism and leaves Hollywood
  57. Pastafarians see "the face of the Flying Spaghetti Monster" in a window
  58. Power is still out in St. Louis; nobody cares
  59. After 30 years of marriage, a London man discovers that his wife is actually a rare Yucca plant Grue Jammy
  60. Sex offenders receive Viagra via Medicaid; playgrounds closed Grue Jammy

Grue Jammy = Audio Available

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