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A donkey show is a popular Mexican custom in which a woman has public intercourse with a donkey. Despite the claim that donkey shows are a mere urban legend, donkey shows really do happen, albeit discretely. You just have to know which one-eyed Tijuanan taxi driver to trust and which one will rob and murder you.

The practice originates from Tijuana, whose sister city is Compton. Nobody is quite sure of why or when donkey shows came into practice, perhaps due to an unwillingness by most people to go asking questions and seeming interested in a not-cool way. A handful of racist pseudointellectuals from Kentucky have posted on a message board that donkey shows happen because Mexican women enjoy donkey dicks.

Most donkey shows are done in bars or family restaurants. The typical routine is for a number of middle-aged, donkey penis craving, overweight women to attempt to court the donkey by covering themselves in female donkey urine. The woman whom the donkey gives "the look" to first is the lucky lady who gets her tail pinned by a donkey.

It is true that most people attend donkey shows for their shock value, as most American tourists enjoy watching people from poorer countries fuck animals for their cheap entertainment.

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