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El terrorista
A Portait of Me
Origin Mexico (don't act surprised a**hole)
Occupation Dollaramma casier, Taxi driver, Terrorist, Attacking govourners
Sexually Active? ...[5 more minutes]...
Titles Mr. Boss, Level 71 bomb technician, Level 114 kitten huffer, Level 1.5 intelligence
Secret Weapons The Immaculate Pimp Suit, The Turbin of Doom, Your mom, His Laser Vision, Riot Shotgun, Pill Dispenser, 40lbs of C4, and His Unbelievable Good Looks

I'm a terrorist. I think i'm spanish. No, no, wait I'm espagnole. And I'm a terrorist! I blow stuff up! Because I'm a

edit Terroristic Status

I'm a terrorist.

edit Imperial Navy Member

Yes, I am a mermber of the Imperial Navy. But if I wanted to I could blow the whole thing up. Because I'm a terrorist.

Darth Vader Recruitment This user has joined the Imperial Navy and has attained rank of Commodore.

edit Warning

The rest of this page is a series of experiments which are usually forms of mass destruction. If you read this your head asplode!!!

edit Bomb Testing Grounds

5 This user needs five more minutes!
RUN This user is a bomb!

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