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“I would have question the sanity of anyone who has seen a greater fictional character than Omar”
~ Oscar Wilde on Omar Simpson

Omar in his first appearence on the programme

Omar Simpson is a recurring fictional character in the animated series The Simpsons. The character was originally intended to be the saudi arabian version of Homer Simpson but since Saudi Arabia banned the programme he became a mainstream character in his own right.


Omar is the 19 year old adopted son of Abe Simpson who was adopted aged 13 as Abe was lonley on his own in the retirment castle. Throughout the programme it has been hinted that Apu Nahassapeemapetalon is Omar's biological father. He works as a janitor at the local hospital.

He first came to prominence in the 10th series when he announced he was gay. He soon disowned by the simpson family except Marge who helped him be accepted again. He has since an on/off relationship with regular character Waylon Smithers, of whom lost his uncrontollable infatuation with Monty Burns thanks to Omar. Omar and Waylon announced their engagment in the episode 'You may kiss the groom' but they split after Omar had an affair with Ponce Paladino (voiced by guest star Leonardo DiCaprio) They have since got back together. Fans of the show, however believe there are many hints in earlier episodes about his sexuality. Such as his keen intrest in fashion and his taste in music.

In the episode 'Million Dollar Omar' he pursues a career as a boxer with limited sucess, although does manage to knock out Moe Syzlak in his first fight. The only other episode in which Omar has a prominent role is 'Treehouse of Horror IV', a non-canonical episode in which Omar dies and has one week to have sex with a women to prove to God his soul is pure and not gay, thus earning him entrance into heaven. He does not succeed and despite coming very close and goes to Hell. It is suggested that he eludes eternal punishment by having sex with Satan

Character Creation

Omar was originally intended to be a rough criminal but the shows producers decided to make him gay due to highlight the issue of homophobia and so gay people could not whinge about a lack of gay characters on the programme. The shows creator Matt Groening said he is the character is combination of Osama Bin Laden and Elton John

Critical reception

A lot of the media, unlike normal sane people, liked the character because he challenged sterotypes. They may not have realized that just beacuse a character does this, they may not actually by funny, Interesting and if it is a woman sexy. Many critisized the episode when he beacme a boxer, espescially The Times who described it as a 'unfunny re-run of the Homer world title shot episode

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