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“Troy is not el guapo, he's my lover though”
~ Oscar Wilde on Troy

edit El Guapo

El Guapo, spanish for a very atractive man, otherwise known as Troy Dearborn. There is only one other person who is better looking then El Guapo and that would be Chuck Norris.


An artists rendition of El Guapo, but then he realised that El Guapo was far to beautiful to paint, so instead he painted some bearded guy playing a guitar.

edit Origin

The word El Guapo, which is actualy two words, but has been stated as one word indicated by the non pluralness of the word, word to simplify the understanding of the sentance so that the reader does not explode is derived from an ancient language used on the island of Chipinotacolulu. It is a strange and mysterious island that is surrounded by water. The natives who enjoy eating pizza and repeating words such as manatee, and paper clips, have a peculiar habit of having ectravigantly beautiful children. The most beautiful of them all was named Charles the 31st so not to get mixed up with Charlse the 30th or Charlse the 29th and was there after named El Guapo because he kept getting mixed up with the other Charsles'. The word Guapo was then transformed into a adjective by the northern spanish Inuits of the north.

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