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If we can't have socialism, people die!

Hello there, sir! Have I told you the fair and balanced wonders of socialism? What? You've heard of it? You think it's that shitty old communism? No, no sir! As a representitive of the "Socialism works!" campaign, I can assure you that socialism is a 21st-century approach to a modernized world!

edit But what about all those countries with communism where people live like shit?

Ha! You call that socialism? you think Russia and Vietnam deserve that kind of recognition? No, sir! Socialism is a three-step political philosophy governed by the "state give, people take" idealology. Here's the basic steps of it.


As you can see, socialism is what the kids call "cool".

1. Give the people what they want.- From universal health care to higher minimum wage, people need help with their state of living. That's where socialism comes in! Now little Johnny can afford that operation, when their parents only make $1,200 a year working at Target!

edit How do I know this is as good as you say it is?


You heard it from the people!

i had a feeling you would say that, and let me assure you: it is. In a recent study a college I can't think of right now, 100% of those surveyed thought socialism works. That's almost 101%!!

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