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"Ow, my boobs are killing me."

~ Sniper Wolf

Sniper Wolf, (a.k.a. that hot chick from Metal Gear Solid) is a kurdish sharpshooter in foxhound, and... Holy shit get dow...



"AWWwww... Pwned"


Yes (scroll down stupid)

No (Do i really have to tell you...)

...Any way... Sniper Wolf is a kickass sniper, with huge boobs, Blond Hair, Blue Eyes, an awesome body, and this sexy way of talking, (like an east european meets disgruntled russian sorta slur is in the mix).


She also is Jesus, and anyone who contends that is going to hell. Shockingly she's aetheistic, proving that even jesus dosn't believe in god in this day and age. She is also a big drugie, and pops diazapem for "fun". She has all kinds of pet wolf/dog things, like in that episode of south park (you know, the one with the petstore over an indian burial grou... never mind). And the coolest thing is she has an action figure of her! Thats like so amazing right.

edit Musical Carrier

Well, She hasn't had a musical carrier, but we needed more sections. But she does enjoy listening to Iron Maiden and Poison, and hates rap, and wants to kill justin Bieber.

edit Super Awesome Picture

Well, isn't really much to say, (ow my pants are tight ;)...)

Sniperwolfn1 The said picture...awesome...

Using this picture as a base, the Handspiker Algaebracic Fictional Character Hotness Formula was applied, and the resault was 6160, which in comparison Jennifer Love Hewitt is 616, so Sniper Wolf is ten times hotter than a highly hot celebrity.

The Handspiker Algaebracic Fictional Character Hotness Formula (something like...) H=Bs+Bc/W+H-TCxFf... no one can really understand it, except B=Boobs

edit Appearance on Intervention

Inter Diazapem Due to her rapid use of Diazapiem, Sniper Wolf appeared on an episode of intervention, in season 2. All of the other members of Foxhound attended the intervention to support her through this troubling time, With Vulcan Raven even being reduced to tears. After a large physical confrontation, Wolf finally agreed to go to therapy. The therapy went well, and she had not used until she would kick solid snakes ass (wich was 16 hours since she was kicked out of therapy).

edit Kicking Solid Snakes Ass

You read right, in MGS She pwned snake, the writers totally lied about losing the first sniper duel, I mean if you won, you wouldn't get captured, Right snake... And the second time, snake jumped her, but fortunatly Alex Von Halsenbekk, whoes like rambo and psyco mantis and Rikki Rocket put together, totally beat snakes ass. Unfortunatly, Metal Gear Rex was broken, so foxhound couldn't take over the world,

( sad. But she was happy she met alex, and the two are a perfect match, and when they do it she feels sooo satisfied afterward.
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