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edit Eclecticus, still a Lefty, was a recent Past Leader of the "Dark Lefties" Underground Group

Eclecticus and the "Dark Lefties" consider the creation and founding of their underground group, dedicated uniquely to promote the lefties interests, one of their greatest and most memorable feats. [1]

edit The "Dark Lefties" Recruiting Message

"Stop thinking logically and join us..." [2]

edit The "Dark Lefties" Views On Ambidextrous People

"Ambidextrous, people"...are "an accident of nature..." [3]

edit Eclecticus Psychological Profile

INTP/INTJ [4][5] or Enneagram type 5: you can find more about it if you keep reading using only your left eye. Please, throw the right eye away, and your loyalty to the Lefties will be proved once and for all and behind any kind of doubt.

You will be rewarded with a free ticket to the next brainwashing session at the super secret, "Dark Lefties" underground quarters. [6]

edit Why was Eclecticus replaced as leader of the "Dark Lefties" underground group?

He was not Lefty enough to be allowed to remain as the Lefties leader and had to be replaced by their present one. [7]

Uncyclopedia entry written completely with a left hand. It took quiet some time!!!

--Eclecticus 07:00, 13 August 2009

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