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“Thats one mighty gay user page”
~ Oscar Wilde on Eat teh n00b's user page
“I dont care, I make up stupid things and attribute them to you, how does that make you feel?”
~ Eat teh n00b on Oscar Wilde's comment

edit Me

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     0      0

hello, i am random, inpuslive and random

edit Articles I have made or worked on

Box jellyfish


Christmas Island






Ginger kids

Mac and me

Waking the Cadaver

edit Pictures I have made

Townsville godzilla Air view of Townsville Epic broom Darth vader uber broom Average ibis Crunk1300 cowbell GET CRUNKED Ewok battle Tetrisexpansion1 Townsville GTA 5
Xbox red rings cause
The Pyramids

If you play Halo you might get this

Wilson 1337 photoshop

Cast away halo style!

Indiana Jones and the Townsville airport


This user is one of His Noodleyness' very own Chosen People.

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