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Oh, Child!
This article is about swearing. It contains bad words that will get your mouth washed out, cost you friends, and probably get you suspended.

Please, if you are not mature enough to handle an article concerning some very naughty language, read no further.

edit All of my Templates

edit These Don't Actually Belong To Me

edit I'm Just Using Them

edit LOL
edit Seriously, they aren't actually mine. I'm just using them.


Come visit Canada today!

Here in beautiful Canada we have the largest collection of ice and snow in the world. And also BC bud! So book a tour right now, and don't forget your Uncyc VISA card...the only card that pays in laughs!
Paid for by the Committee to Pimp Canada.
Firefox Logo This user believes the Mozilla Firefox could easily defeat Godzilla.

Cannabagreen This user is Canadian
...and mildly smug about it!
(List of Canadian Uncyclopedians)

<insert name here> is awesome.


edit My Soulja Boy Rap

Soulja Boy's a pile o' crap!

Watch him do a stupid rap!

Watch that sh!tty sh!tty sh!tty,

Soulja Boy's a ho!

Now watch him do! (a freakin crappy song)

Now watch him do! (a rap that's oh, so wrong)

Now watch him do! (Shawty's got dem jeans)

Now watch him do! (Holy freakin' jeez...)

edit Aboot Me

I am Canadian. I am from ██████, ███████, Canada. I've noticed that life is like a whore a bitch nothing a box of chocolates Johnny Nitro I DON'T F*CKING KNOW!!! a long road. I've hit a dead end. When I'm 30 I'm gonna be a wrestler.

1 c4n p0wn 411 n00b5!

“That means I can own all noobs!!!”
~ Captain Obvious on the about 1337 quote.
“I think I might spam up ANOTHER page!”
~ Oscar Wilde on e_moondo's page.
“I dunno about you, but all of these Oscar Wilde and Captain Obvious quotes are getting kinda annoying. GET THE F*CK OFF MY PAGE!!!”
~ e_moondo on what a bunch of assholes Oscar Wilde and Captain Obvious are.

edit Quotes

“Soulja Boy sucks!”
“Zipster sucks!”
“You win some, you lose some!”

Counter5Counter4Counter3Counter2 <- This is how many people die from my stupidity since reading this page. NO MORE THAN 9999!

edit My Problems With Rectal Thermometers

WTF? Are you some kind of Pedophile? Like I'm REALLY gonna tell you about my thermometer issues!!

edit E_Moondo on John Cena

There's this one lame ass...well, nobody really cares about Cena...

edit E_Moondo on Zipster08

“HEHEHEH! Hi there, Youtubers, it's me, Zipster!”
~ Zipster on Himself

Someone should really make an article about him.

edit The End of the Page

Go away.

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