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Shalom, I'm Dylan Love. I'm a Reform Jew and I aspire to some day become a rabbi. If not a rabbi, a conservation officer. I am also saving my money so I can buy a drum set and start a band. And just for the record, I'm not a libertarian for the sake of smoking pot. I don't even smoke pot. I am one of the few non-pot smoking libertarians... anyways, don't try to persuade me into becoming a liberal know-it-all like the president. On a better note I am a vinyl record enthusiast. I am a huge Bob Dylan fan. I have been to Dylan Days in Hibbing, MN, USA and I have 22 of his songs on my iPod. My favorite album of his is "Blonde on Blonde" from 1966. I want it on vinyl. Now for a list of my comedic influences: Daniel Tosh, Dane Cook, Monty Python, Bam Margera, Ben Stiller, and the Smothers Brothers.

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